How To Deal With Change - Director Meyrick Tilley Discusses "The Day After" Short Film

"Issac has a cosy little life. He wakes up and has a refreshing cuppa in his favourite mug, shortly followed by reading a book at the park, with absolutely no variation or no changes to this structure. This mundane structure that Issac called 'life' has formed into nothing but a dull, mundane, repetitiveness. But life is unpredictable, and so on what seems to be just any other ordinary Friday, his world begins to crumble to pieces all around him (in the most dramatic sense of the phrase) Issac must try to maintain control of reality, and while the events may seem soul-crushing at the moment, they just may be the exact thing that he needed. " That is the general story of the film, and while it may seem a bit overdramatic, which is exactly the point, the sad reality of the matter is that in the current climate of 2023, what people seem to want more than ever is Structure. The only issue is that we seem to have a confused structure for repetition. Everywhere we look, we